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Mrs. Siri | January 25, 2020

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Apple Fuzz

Apple Fuzz
Mrs. Siri

Apple is notorious for its security, as it should be. Apple is not to be messed with. Which is why I am constantly shocked when people do. My husband and I went for a bike ride last weekend and he had to stop by his office. While navigating the infinite loop we saw people with their faces smashed against the lobby doors trying to get a closer look and taking pictures up into the 3rd floor offices. My husband suggested they limit their picture taking to the Apple signs instead of into offices, as unbeknownst to the tourists Apple Security was watching from the parking lot – they are always watching. I was left on the curb as my husband went upstairs, and am happy to report they heeded his warning and skipped merrily down the loop.

The Apple frenzy isn’t limited to just the general public and tourists, but the Press as well. The Shareholders meeting was last week, so I made a wide birth around Infinite Loop. But sure enough the press ran rampant around the headquarters just as they always do. It seems every time there is a big event at Apple members of the press get into fender benders in the parking lot trying to get a closer look or just trying to avoid security.

It may be a wonderland and one of the friendliest places on earth, but before you start singing It’s A Small World, remember the Apple is crawling with fuzz.