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Mrs. Siri | May 25, 2020

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Clutching On

Clutching On
Mrs. Siri

Apple has become a part of all facets of everyday life, even fashion. Last weekend I saw a gorgeous leather Hobo clutch complete with an iPhone cut out to showcase the specially designed smartphone sleeve. It seems every woman is like me, trying to figure out how to keep the phone within reach without taking away from the outfit. This obviously is more of an issue at night, especially on a date. You want to look killer but if the date is horrible you need to text your girlfriends his ridiculous soundbites, or take your turn at Words.

I’ve seen several good versions of the iPhone clutch, which is really just a glorified case-wallet combination. The glitziest is definitely Michael Kors, with the most elegant version belonging to Kate Spade. (I doubt anyone is surprised by that.) My favorite is actually the Hex version. It is much closer to a case than a clutch, but it holds my phone, ID and credit card for a quick trip to the store or to slip in my husband’s pocket when going out. All of these are conveniently available in Apple’s Corporate Store for a quick side by side. No matter which version you find, it will be a life saver when standing in line at a club. We’ve all been the girl fumbling through her bag looking for her ID long after her group has gone inside. Don’t be that girl.