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Mrs. Siri | January 25, 2020

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Factoring in Fido

Factoring in Fido
Mrs. Siri
San Francisco is one of the dog-friendliest cities on earth. Dogs actually outnumber kids, which is obvious when frequenting the city’s parks – the kids are fenced in, not the dogs.
Most places in the city will turn a blind eye to a dog trotting through the aisles, but I’m sorry to say I just haven’t been too adventurous with my girls down in Cupertino. It is very jarring after living in the city for so long to not be able to walk my dogs while running errands. First of all, nothing is walking distance from my apartment expect for boba tea – which of course I’m grateful for. Secondly, I’m afraid store owners would start screaming if a dog tried to patron their establishment. It’s a legitimate fear considering there are absolutely zero dog parks in the city of Cupertino. Apple should actually be ashamed to be located in a city that is so dog unfriendly.
Thankfully, I have Fido Factor. If you have a dog it is a godsend. It’s basically Yelp for your dog and of course its free. You can search for all nearby bars, restaurants and shops which allow dogs. They even list which have water bowls and poop bags. Don’t miss the golden paw print for tips on each location. The app doesn’t cover all cities yet but it seems to do a good job in the Bay Area. It is definitely a must have for life in the South Bay.