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Mrs. Siri | January 25, 2020

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For Love of the Launch

Mrs. Siri

Apple Launch Day is a mystical time when fantasies become realities and the whole world wait’s on baited breath. But what I love the most about Launch Day is that it is the most honest day in our household.

Suddenly, my husband can tell me about his day – not everything, but somethings. It is phenomenal. Because just like every Apple guy my husband loves his work and all things Apple. He can’t wait to discuss every point of the announcement.
The new iPad apps will make my impressive workarounds on the iPad 2 unnecessary.
Have you watched the trailer for the new Infinity Blade?
Siri is learning Japanese!
Yes, the excitement goes on and on and I absolutely love it. Of course I am only guessing at what the highlights of the conversation will be since my husband hasn’t made his way home yet. But I am well prepared for when he walks in the door. However, I must admit I had never watched a keynote until joining the Apple family. Now I can’t wait to see everything that’s rolled out and line up all my questions for when my husband gets home. You know why it is so great? Because he can answer me!
To have all your questions answered just visit the Apple homepage. You can watch the entire keynote or just see the stunning new iPad and new Apple TV.