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Mrs. Siri | May 25, 2020

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Ladies who Lunch

Mrs. Siri

I am completely spoiled in that whenever I’m sick of eating a turkey sandwich for lunch I can just pop over to Apple. I’m even more spoiled that when I have friends in time going to lunch at Apple is always on the vacation agenda.

Today was one such occasion and my friend Trey and I struck off for some Infinite Looping. It quickly turned into looping as the campus was spilling over with Appletinis today and the parking situation was worse than at Darius Rucker’s appearance last Friday. It is also a very gray day down in Appleville which seemed to encroach on everyone’s mood. Of course that did not slow Trey down as he experienced Apple-land for the first time. (Though, he was disappointed to learn there is no tram circling the parking lot.)

Highlights of our lunch included comments such as “Apple should start a baroque ensemble and call it Infinite Lute” and “Why are there so many apples in the cafeteria?” The conversation took a downhill plunge upon entering the Corporate Store. The tag line t-shirts now include a tribute to Siri but they are still only in men’s shirts. Apparently women don’t want to wear a shirt asking Siri if its warm enough to wear a t-shirt. Even toddler’s are in on the fun now with shirts proclaiming their Mac compatibility. But no, not women. We brainstormed briefly on what the women’s line should say and who should be pinged, but unfortunately I don’t think the favorite are appropriate for general consumption. Ping me separately and I’ll send them on over to you.

In any rate, keep a lookout for Trey’s iFail line coming soon to a CafePress near you.