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Mrs. Siri | May 25, 2020

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Mixing with Tech

Mrs. Siri

Last weekend I attended a Tech Mixer at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. I received my Bachelor degree from the Conservatory and absolutely love the building at 50 Oak Street. (Though I graduated the school year before the big move and never fully enjoyed all of the perks of the space.)

My first Development position was also at the Conservatory. More than my education, this solidified my love for SFCM. Learning about fundraising and taking part in the wide spectrum of development initiatives took music from a deeply personal experience for me, to one with the power to unite and elevate communities.

Accordingly, when a former colleague told me about the Tech Mixer and asked me to round up some Techies to attend, I was happy to oblige. Every Art group is (or should be) reaching out to the new audience brought with the development of Mid-Market and the incredible influx of tech. This event was a great way to make that first introduction to the Conservatory.

Osher Salon

The event took place in the Osher Salon which is my favorite performance hall at 50 Oak. It is incredibly intimate and absolutely gorgeous. There was a great turn out – I was told that fitbit was represented but never found a fitbiter. You would think they would be easy to spot with the flex – which is clearly the best fitness product.

The entertainment was provided by the Cello Street Quartet – all alumni of SFCM. They were fantastic, especially when they played Lady Gaga.