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Mrs. Siri | January 25, 2020

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Oh Google – Why have you forsaken me?

Oh Google – Why have you forsaken me?
Mrs. Siri

I LOVE all things Google. I know, I know, I’m not supposed to admit that as an Apple Wife – but its absolutely true. I use Gmail and have never even opened Mail or iCal. I make my husband use Google Calendar so we can synchronize our lives. I don’t believe other search engines exist and have only recently been swayed to start using Flipboard, though I still jump on Google Reader before pinning.

But since moving to Cupertino, Google has started to fail me. Google Maps that is. I have relied heavily on google maps to navigate my way around town but it seems to be a crapshoot. Cupertino is really odd in that streets meld into each other. But instead of the name just changing the street literally ends and the other street starts on the other side of a sidewalk that has suddenly appears in front of my car. I can see my destination on the other side, but short of jumping the curb I have to find another way around. Given, bikers and pedestrians can cross through and continue on their merry way, but cars can’t. I am no newbie to google maps. I search for driving directions, not walking directions. So why does google maps keep failing me and sending me in circles? And why does this odd scenario only take place in Cupertino?

I have come to the only logical conclusion – Google hates Apple and will screw all living in Cupertino just on the off chance of irking an Appletini.