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Mrs. Siri | May 25, 2020

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Slapping It On

Slapping It On
Mrs. Siri

One of my favorite accessories is my iPod nano. That’s right, I said accessories. Yes the nano is amazing on the go and especially for running. Of course lately the Nike run history is just making me feel guilty that I haven’t been out more. But the BEST part of the nano is the watch feature. I wear mine nearly every day. For one thing it is really cute. For another, I can switch the watch face to match my mood, the occasion or my outfit. But mainly it is filled with my favorite pictures so throughout the day I can look down and see something that makes me laugh.

I wanted the option of wearing my nano in professional settings so I went with the Hex leather band. It is not as daring and fun as some of the others but the black band goes with just about everything while still being understated. Well, as understated as a watch can be with a giant square face that is. Of course the options are really endless with the bands. And if you go with the bolder colors you can get a few to mix and match with your favorite shoes or purses. They are even making bands based off of slap bracelets if you really want to get crazy. (Of course it’s great for guys to wear them as well, but the women are really going to have more fun with this.)

And if you enjoy wearing your Apple pride on your sleeve you may want to check out Mohzy. They have designer iPod/iPhone cable “loops” which end up being awesome bracelets. I may have invested in a few versions if I didn’t have so many cables stashed around the house. (The joys of living with a geek – I find a new cable hidden away nearly every day, but at least I know what the Apple cables are for.) But this product would be great for students or someone always on the go. It is also ideal when traveling so you’ll never be stranded with a phone running on empty.