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Mrs. Siri | May 25, 2020

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Mrs. Siri & Artfully Bound

Mrs. Siri & Artfully Bound
Mrs. Siri

I first set out to share my story as Mrs. Siri shortly after moving to Cupertino from San Francisco in the Spring of 2012. After Siri had made her big unveil with iOS 5, I realized she would be a permanent fixture in our life and it was not to make the move to the mothership. I needed to share the strange new world I had found myself in as being an Apple Wife in Silicon Valley.

My foray as Mrs. Siri came to an abrupt end when I took a position at Broadway By the Bay. I quickly found that the nearly 50 year old organization would close its doors if drastic measures were not taken. Within two months of joining the team I found myself filling the role as Executive Director and life outside of BBBay came to a crashing halt. I proudly led BBBay through a dramatic turn around, leaving it a year later cash-flow positive in the hands of a great leader. What I took away from the experience was a single greater lesson in the power of the Arts than the collective whole of my professional experiences, my Master’s education and every article, conference or study I had ever come across.

Now that I’ve come out the other side of it, I am launching a re-imaginend Mrs. Siri, in an attempt to highlight and support the transformative Art and Nonprofit Organizations within this revolutionary tech setting.

Please contact me about any events or organizations that may be a fit for Artfully Bound. Or click here to learn about my consulting services.